Crop Pollination Services

Australian Honey Products now has the largest number of bee hives in Tasmania and is the largest commercial pollinator in Tasmania providing a service to all forms of agriculture throughout Tasmania.

To date we have assisted Tassie farmers in pollinating cherries, raspberries, apples, pears, blackcurrants, apricots, brassicas, broadbeans, canola, carrots, chicory, clover, fennel, onions, poppy, strawberries and more!

Bees are essential to the agricultural industry. Pollination is, quite simply, transferring grains of pollen from one plant to another to fertilise the ovaries of flowers. It is estimated that 60% of our food is reliant on pollination.

While some plants rely on wind to provide pollination, others are self-pollinating. Most flowering plants need the services of natural pollinators, such as honey bees to do the work.

To enquire about crop pollination services in Tasmania please email:

crop pollination services