taverners tasmanian honey

Taverner’s Tasmanian Honey

Taverner’s Honey offers a range of natural Tasmanian, conventional, organic and flavoured honeys in 160g jars.

leatherwood honey

Leatherwood Honey

Tasmania’s famous Leatherwood honey comes from the flowers of the state’s endemic Leatherwood tree (Eucryphia lucida) which is unique to the rainforest regions of the island’s west coast. Taverner’s Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey has a unique spicy flavour and distinctive aroma.

Lavender honey

Lavender Honey

Tasmania is famous for its lavender. Its seductive fragrance evokes thoughts of long, languid summer days. Taverner’s Lavender Honey captures the essence of these carefree times with a subtle sophisticated taste and the intoxicating aroma of lavender.

Vanilla honey

Vanilla Honey

The perfect combination, one of the world’s favourite flavours joins forces with one of the world’s favourite honeys. Taverner’s Vanilla Honey is rich and silky smooth, this deliciously decadent honey is superb with ice cream or desserts.

garlic honey

Ginger Honey

Add a bit of spice to your life, with our zesty ginger honey. Like honey, ginger has been known through the ages for its therapeutic qualities. Taverner’s Ginger Honey is blended with our natural, pure honey and finely chopped Buderim ginger providing an alluring fusion that is the perfect addition to your morning toast, or adds that finishing touch to a steaming hot pancake. This honey provides a combination that is not only healthy but tastes good too.

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